P h i l


Philles 100 Crystals Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby (Spector-Hunter)/There's No Other(Like My Baby) (Spector-Bates)



Philles 101 Joel Scott Here I Stand (Motola)/You're My Only Love (Motola-Page)

[Both sides: Lester Sill]

Philles 102 Crystals Uptown (Mann-Weil)/What a Nice Way to Turn 17 (Kolber-Keller)

Philles 103 Ali Hassan Malaguena (Lecuona)/Chop Sticks (Hazan)

[Both sides:Lester Sill]

Philles 104 Steve Douglas & His Merry Men Lieutenant Colonel Bogey's Parade (Sill-public domain)/Yes Sir! That's My Baby (Donaldson-Kahn)

[Both sides:Lester Sill]

Philles 105 Crystals He Hit Me(and It Felt Like a Kiss) (Goffin-King)/No One Ever Tells You (Goffin-King)

Philles 106 Crystals He's a Rebel (Pitney)/I Love You Eddie (Spector-Hunter)

Philles 107 Bob B.Soxx and the Blue Jeans Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Gilbert-Wrubel)/Flip & Nitty (Spector)

Philles 108 Alley Cats Puddin'n'Tain (Caufield-Pipkin-Willis)/Feel So Good (Caufield-Pipkin)[This side:Lou Adler]

Philles 109 Crystals He's Sure the Boy I Love (Mann-Weil)/Walkin' Along(La-La-La) (Spector)

Philles 109X Crystals He's Sure the Boy I Love (Mann-Weil)/Walkin' Along(La-La-La) (Spector)



Philles 110 Bob B.soxx andthe Blue Jeans Why Do Lovers Break Each Others' Hearts? (Greenwich-Powers-Spector)/Dr.Kaplan's Office (Spector)

Philles 111 Darlene Love (Today I Met)The Boy I'm Gonna Marry(Spector-Greenwich-Powers)/My Heart Beat A Little Bit Faster(Spector-Greenwich-Powers)

Philles 111 Darlene Love (Today I Met)The Boy I'm Gonna Marry(Spector-Greenwich-Powers)/Playing for Keeps (Spector-Sands)

Philles 112 Crystals Da Doo Ron Ron(When He Walked Me Home)(Spector-Barry-Greenwich)/Git' It (Goland)

Philles 113 Bob B.Soxx and the Blue Jeans Not Too Young to Get Married (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Annette (Spector-Sands)

Philles 114 Darlene love Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Take It from Me (Spector-Sands)

Philles 115 Crystals Then He Kissed Me (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Brother Julius (Goland)

Philles 116 Ronettes Be My Baby (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Tedesco & Pitman (Spector)

Philles 117 Darlene Love A Fine, Fine Boy (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Nino & Sonny(Big Trouble) (Spector)

Philles 118 Ronettes Baby, I Love You (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Miss Joan & Mr. Sam (Spector)

Philles 119 Darlene Love Christmas(Baby Please Come Home) (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Harry and Milt Meet Hal B. (Spector)



Philles 119X Crystals Little Boy(Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Harry(from W.Va.)& Milt (Spector)

Philles 120 Ronettes (The Best Part of)Breakin'Up (Spector-Poncia-Andreoli)/Big Red (Annette Spector)


Phil Spector 1 Veronica So Young (Tyrus)/Larry L. (Spector)

Phil Spector 2 Veronica Why Don't They Let Us Fall in Love? (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Chubby Danny D. (Spector)

Annettt 1000 Bonnie Jo Mason I Love You Ringo (Spector-Case-Poncia-Andreoli)/Beatle Blues (A. Spector)

Annette 1001 Gene Toone & the Blazers You're My Baby (Spector-Poncia-Andreoli)/Jose (Spector)

Annette 1002 Harvey & Doc withthe Dwellers Oh Baby (Harvey)/Uncle Kev (Merar)"Merar"misspelling"Mirar"on label

Shirley 500 Treasures Hold Me Tight (Lennon-McCartney)/Pete Meets Vinnie (Mirar)


Philles 121 Ronettes Do I Love You (Spector-Poncia-Andreoli)/Bebe and Susu (Spector)

Philles 122 Crystals All Grown Up (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Irving(Jaggered Sixteenths) (Goland)

Philles 123 Darlene Love Stumble and Fall (Spector-Poncia-Andreoli)/(He's a)Quiet Guy (Spector-Poncia-Andreoli)

Philles 123 Ronettes Walking in the Rain (Spector-Mann-Weil)/How Does It Feel? (Spector-Poncia-Andreoli)

Philles 124 Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (Spector-Mann-Weil)/There's A Woman (Medley-Hatfield-Spector)[This Side:Medley]

Philles 125 Darlene Love Christmas(Baby Please Come Home) (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Winter Wonderland (Smith-Bernard)



Philles 125 Darlene Love Christmas(Baby Please Come Home) (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Winter Blues (Spector)

Philles 126 Ronettes Born to Be Together(Spector-Mann-Weil)/Blues for Baby(Spector)

Philles 127 Righteous Brothers Just Once in My Life(Spector-Goffin-King)/The Blues(Medley)

Philles 128 Ronettes Is This what I Get for Loving You? (Spector-Goffin-King)/Oh I Love You(Spector)

Philles 129 Righteous Brothers Hung on You(Spector-Goffin-King)/Unchained Melody(Zaret-North)[This Side: Medley]

Philles 130 Righteous Brothers Ebb Tide(Sigman-Maxwell)/For Sentimental Reasons(Watson-Best)


Phi-Dan 5000 Florence DeVore Kiss Me Now(Sacon-Hall)/We're Not Old Enough(Pinter-Susser-Cooper)

[Both sides:Cooper-Susser-Silberstein]

Phi-Dan 5001 Betty Willis Act Naturally (Morrison-Russell)/Soul(Higgins)

[Both sides:Leon Russell]

Phi-Dan 5005 Bonnie & the Treasures Home of the Brave (Mann-Weil)/Our Song (Riopell)

[Both sides:Jerry Riopell]

Phi-Dan 5006 Al de Lory Yesterday (Lennon-McCartney)/Traffic Jam (A.de Lory)

[Both sides:Atlas Artists Productions]

Phi-Dan 5007 George McCannon III You Can't Grow Peaches on a Cherry Tree (Levitt-Monte)/Seven Million People (Miller-Greenfield)

[Both sides:No credit]

Phi-Dan 5008 Lovelites (When)I Get Scared (Poncia-Andreoli-Pomuz)/Malady (Gelfand)

[Both sides:Anders-Poncia]

Phi-Dan 5009 Ikettes Whatcha Gonna Do (Turner)/Down Down (Turner)

[Both sides:Ike Turner]

Phi-Dan 5010 Sugar Plums Lovers Wonderland (Garfield-Botkin-Cole)

[This side:Botkin-Garfied]/

Sugar Plum Blues (Same track as B side of Philles 119X)



Philles 132 Ike and Tina Turner River Deep-Mountain High (Spector-Greenwich Barry)/I'll Keep You Happy (Spector)

Philles 132 Righteous Brothers White Cliffs of Dover (Black-Miller)/She's Mine,All Mine (Hatfield)[This side:Medley]

Philles 133 Ronettes I Can Hear Music (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)[This side:Jeff Barry]/When l Saw You (Spector)

Philles 134 Ike and Tina Turner A Man Is a Man Is a Man (Antell)/Two to Tango (Peretti-Creatore)

[Both sides:Bob Crewe]



Philles 135 Ike and Tina Turner I'll Never Need More Than This (Spector-Greenwich-Barry)/Cashbox Blues (Whoops,We Printed the Wrong Story Again)

Philles 136 Ike and Tina Turner A Love Like Yours(Don't Come Knockin'Every Day)(Holland-Dozier-Holland)/I ldolize You (I.Turner)[This side:I. Turner]







PHLP-4000 Crystals Twist Uptown



PHLP-4001 Crystals He's A Rebel (3-63, #131)

PHLP-4002 Zip A Dee Doo Dah - Bob B. Soxx & Blue Jeans

PHLP-4003 Crystals The Crystals Sing The Greatest Hits, Volume 1

PHLP-4004 Various Artists Today's Hits

PHLP-4005 Various Artists A Christmas Gift To You



PHLP/ST-4006 Ronettes Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica (12-64, #96)



PHLP/ST-4007 Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (1-65, #4)

PHLP/ST-4008 Righteous Brothers Just Once In My Life (5-65, #9)

PHLP/ST-4009 Righteous Brothers Back To Back (12-65, #16)



PHLP-4010 Lenny Bruce Lenny Bruce Is Out Again


PHLP-4011 Ike And Tina Turner River Deep - Mountain High (No Cover)[Not Issued]



PHLP-100 - The Phil Spector Spectacular - Various Artists (No Cover)[Promotion Only]